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Discount for cumulative qty in PO

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I would like help to setup the following scenario:

Vendor would like to pass discounts on the qty. we buy. However the requirement from the client is that we want to see the discounted price in the PO only and not get any subsequent settlement or after the PO is processed.

Ex: when we reach 200,000 and buy 200,001th piece that piece should be at a discounted price given by the vendor. ( not the regular scale setup) .

pls advice,

thnx in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi ,

You can achieve the same functionality by going to info records and for that material and vendor and further to conditions and select the line item and further go to goto in menu and select the scale.

here you can define for 200000 piceces price 1 $

and from 200001 .50$

This will automatically let the po for first quantity on 1 $ and then automatically the po changes to .50 $.

This will work if you need further detail i can give the same else dont foret to award the points.


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Thanks, Lekhram

I'll try out this option and let you know

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Dont Forget to award points if it works.Be sure it will work.I have already worked on this scenario.If you stuck some where just write me.


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Hi Abhijit/Lekharam

I doubt if it works...suppose as u said we have maintained scales in PIR





Now we have created a PO for 1400 qty, the price system will pick is $1(correct)!!

Now next PO we are creating is for 700 qty, then also price system will pick the price as $1 but it seems ABHIJIT requirement is in second PO it should take $1 for 600 qty and $.50 for 100 qty( Abhi please tell me if i am wrong).

So it seems best option is what suggested by charlie taking conract into consideration.



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Correct Yogesh, that's the right requirement.

Lekhram : does the solution you gave works for this one as well ?


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Couldn't you just have one contract that you call off against with the target qty of the first "price break" qty.

Then have a second contract that is blocked for anything above that qty.

that way the user can reference the 1st contract until the target has been reached, then you simply unblock the second contract (with the reduced price) and start using that from that point onwards.

Or you could even try it with twwo lines on the SAME contract but the second line is for the reduced price but it is blocked until the target has been reached?

I don't think that you will find a nice clean way of doing this and so whatever happens you will have to use a workaround and the secret is to use the workaround with the least effort.

Both of these solutions are similar to the one that Charlie has proposed.

Steve B

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Sorry duplicate post

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Lekhram Sharma

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There is no std solution available for this kind of scenario as i know but i been in this kind of situation where we have come up wiht th work around solution as below

create the contract for this mateial

in the first line of the contract enter the qty 200,00 and set the price let say $1.00

and then set the second line wiht the qty as per your reqs with the discounted price so once the first line will fullfill the or reach the traget wty then you should start using the second line of contract.

or you have to make boig developement for this's depends on your reqs

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I've followed this thread as i'm interested in the matter.

I've tried ur solution Charlie and I don't see how the system would propose second line automatically as when assigning sources u have to reference the contract line also.

For ex ;

contract :

10 material A Qtty 5 price 100

20 material A Qtty 100 price 90

PO 1 for qtty = 4

at this time u make reference to item 10 of contract, no problem for pricing = 100

PO 2 for qtty = 10

You can only make reference to item 10 of contract for the remaining qtty of 1, otherwise u exceed the target qtty. You therefore have to create and second PO item with the qtty of 9 and reference to item 20 of contract.

A m i correct or is there another way of proceeding ?