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Disassembly Production Order

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Good afternoon Experts.

I use S4Hana PP, and I have a scenario that I need to use a finished product disassembly order scenario. They could help me in this process, that is, after a finished product, do the opposite process to leave the main product and its components back in stock. That's because this main product was produced at the beginning of the year and my system is not set up for this process.


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Answers (1)

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In my opinion, you have 2 solutions

1st solution:

You can use the reverse MVMT Type for the backflushed GI and GR goods movement, in that way you reverse the goods receipt of the product and the goods issue of the components and then they will return back to your stock.

2nd solution:

you can configure an order type similar to the rework order, Order without Bom, and you assign the component manually ( in your case that will be the finished product) and the goods receipt of the product ( in your case the component)

please tell me if you need further clarifications