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Different valuation in different ledgers

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I am trying to understand parallel valuation, and especially the integrated postings: is it possible to post different values for MM-transactions to different ledgers? (for example lifo versus fifo, or standard price versus moving average price)? Different product costs (CO-PC) to different ledgers? Different SD values to different ledgers?

So this is not about manual postings in FI, but about integrated automatic postings from other modules.

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Hi Vincent,

Parallel valuation in ledgers or accounts looks mostly for FI-GL and Asset accounting. It is not easy to get different valuations posted for goods movements or purchases and sales in different ledgers.

There is balance sheet valuation process in MM for LIFO/FIFO, tax price, commercial price etc. but the documentation says the reports should be used to get valuations and post manual journal adjustments. This can help revaluate inventories but not consumption, cost of goods manufactures and cost of goods sold.

Need to see if actual costing/material ledger will have something useful. But generally leading ledger is relevant to controlling so I doubt if any CO process can post to another ledger.

So basically non-leading ledgers could be just duplicating line items in automatic postings (currencies, fiscal year variant, posting period variant could be different) and adding to size of database. Appendix ledger looks more efficient from that perspective.