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Different PMW format for payment method+housebank

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Assalamualaikum. Hi All,

My client request to have integration with several banks for outgoing payment (F110). For each bank, the payment instruction file is in different format, layout.

The problem is for a single payment method, client would like to use it for multiple bank. Whereas, in SAP configuration at the moment, one payment method can only set to a single PMW format.

I read that in EHP8 SP 1, there is new features to enable > Different formats per payment method

Can anyone on ECC6 EHP8 confirm on this? Appreciate advice.


note: we are on EHP7 for SAP ERP6.0, SP Stack 11.

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Hi Assalamualaikum

You can use single payment method with all banks and add the conditions to each tag based on bank requirements in DME structure. This is general practice and easy for maintaince.

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thank you for reply.. but i want to ask clarify further

we have 3 banks.

1. this bank requires Json, xml file format

2. this second bank's file format is .... CSV (comma delimited

3. the third bank's file format is flat file too... but its pipe delimited.

we can create only one single DMEE format for all this?