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Different closed fiscal year for new depreciation area how to deal with?

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we have a requirement for a new depreciation area that is used only for one of all  five company code we have (for report purpose). The prerequisite, however, is that the area do not post any values into the general ledger . I have gone through all steps to create the new area .

Steps I've taken to create area are outlined below:

1.OADB new area (not posting to GL)

2.  OADC area type 09 manual revaluation

3. OABC rules for takeover same as book area 01

4. OABD rules for takeover of terms 01

5. OAYZ activated new area in asset classes

But now I have found that in OAAR I have different end-year closing for the depreciation are I have. And I found the system uses transfer date to determine the last closed fiscal year. So at the moment I have 4 depreciation areas in which the new depreciation area take the year of the date of transfer and there is inconsistency of the date. What is your proposal? What I have missed?

Is it possible to change via directly T093B-ABGJA. Because I have created assets only in one company code and in there everything is OK, but in the other company codes there is inconsistency no mater that there are no created assets.

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I use this new depreciation area only in one class and it's not real depreciation area with no post in GL and I also use it in one new defined company code in this year 2013. In the other company codes I do not use this depreciation area, she is even no visible but in OAAR I have different end-year closing. In this new company code there is no problem, but in the other I have year end closing for this depreciation area like the year of the data transfer.

The system allows me to roll back to the lowest year end close example if I have 2012 for one company code for the new depreciation area I have 2009.