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Difference postings in customer manual payment

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Has anyone used this option?.. In case of manual payment of customer say from F-28, after choosing open line item if there is a difference in amount from the open line items selected, this can be nullified by offseting the difference amount in a small tab in right hand bottom of the screen "difference posting".

It is not residual payment, partial payment or cash discounts.

The posting that results from this, clears the open line items and creates a new open line item for the difference amount like residual payment but unlike it the new open line item contains the baseline date as document date of the payment not the original invoice.

This is making incorrect interest calculations in such cases. Is there any setting to make these new open items to select baseline date as the date of original invoice.

Let me know..



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Why don't you edit the baseline date before posting ? Or else you may have to take help of substitution/validation.