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Difference between a delivery coded as LIFO and a regular Delivery

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Hi All,

Can you please enlighten me the difference between a delivery coded as LIFO and a regular delivery.

It may stand for Last in First out but not sure what that actually means when a delivery is being created.

And where can I see this Delivery Code (Techincal field name ).



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During Shipment function, we load several Deliveries into one Truck and the Truck delivers the goods to several Ship-to-parties along the particular route.

Here, we use LIFO.

That means,the Delivery which we want to deliver first, that delivery we load last. That is what we normally call last in first out (LIFO).

Accordingly a document is prepared in Shipment function called Shipment document.

There is no such field called LIFO in the delivery document, I believe.

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LIFO stands for last in first out and regular delivery is delivery creation without any such constraints

this would be a requirement that sratergy that stocks are picked on LIFO basis and this would be a functional requriment

there is nothing such as field for LIFO etc.

you would have to customise your avilability check in order to ensure that LFIO is followed when system allocated the stocks during avilability check

Hope this helps



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Dear friend,

If you are maintaining Batch or in inventory management if LIFO is maintained, ie last in first out as you specified, the goods purchased or produced last will be delivered to the customer first.Usually its will be maintained as FIFO ie first in first out. what ever is made first goes out of the company so that the old stock is moved out of the racks.