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DI: About Generating a Journal Entry with Returns

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Hi since Mexico, I have a problem when I add a Return based on a Delivery. The problem is that the Journal Entry that has to generate for doing the seat of warehouse against cost of sale it does not it do. How can I solve this problem or what I missed for do this task.

Greetings and thanks for your help.

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Hi Rafael,

What I understodd about your note is this:

When you post a return based on a Delivery using the DI API object, the system is not posting any journal entry?

Is that right?

I've checked this issue in SBO version 6.5 SP1 EF: 07 and you are right.

The RETURNS object from the DI API is not posting any journal entry for this transaction. Hence, the stock for the item is right, but the balance of the stock account and the COGM account is wrong since no posting was made by the RETURNS object.

Anybody has a solution for this problem?

Kind Regards,

Iván Juárez