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Determining a difference Inbound Delivery item category

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Hi all,

Currently have multiple sites, some are Full WM and some are Lean WM. We have lean WM set at Relevant for Picking Only.

We are using inbound deliveries, and in the Full WM sites we want to perform putaway before GR. To make this possible we have to set the ELN item category as being relevant for putaway. While this then works fine in the Full WM sites, it creates an issue in the Lean WM sites.

In Lean WM when we create the inbound delivery, the item becomes relevant for putaway, but not relevant for transfer order processing. We cannot perform the GR for these items because the putaway status remains set at "A".

I'm trying to get around this by using a custom delivery item category (ZELN) specifically for the Full WM sites, however I don't know how to call this item category with standard configuration.

I've tried creating a new delivery document type (ZEL) and set up the necessary item category determination. Unfortunately the delivery type used by the system is determined in MM config under confirmation control. This config only allows the assignment of one delivery type to the confirmation activity of "Shipping Notification". While I can create a new external confirmation category, the internal confirmation category of Shipping Notification can only be assigned once (to LA).

Can anyone provide a solution? Open to all suggestions.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Please have a look at OSS note 214604.

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