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Depreciation Fixed Asset ....

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Hi all,

Pls help me !!! I import FA, and then depreciate them, but can not with message "error: 0()".Who know what's error !? And why !? I use SAP 2005A, account segment.

Thanks !!!

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Answers (2)

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Did you get a fix for this? I am getting what appears to be the same problem.


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Thanks Owen, and sorry Frank.BC my problem was fixed, but to now, I still don't find out the reason. I just restore old database and upload again, and it run ok.It's not too large amount (just 2 FA with > 4000 USD).When I find out the problem, I'll post to forum. Hope you, too. And I don't undestand why that error don't display description to everybody easy to develop :(. Thanks all.

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Hi Andy,

I've come across this error before. In my case it was caused by having a 'large' amount of Fixed Assets to depreciate in the same depreciation run (1600+). There is a significant memory leak in the add-on (sorry, I can't recall the exact patch level but it was 2005A) that caused both the add-on's executable and the underlying add-on server (SAPbouiCOM) to increase in size. Eventually, once the add-on server reached approx 250MB, I would get the error message and the whole process would stop.

If you are depreciating a large number of assets, try splitting these in to smaller groups and see if you still get the error message.

This issue has been recognised by SAP and I believe that it has been rectified in newer versions of the add-on, although I haven't had a chance to test this myself.

If you are not depreciating large numbers of assets then I recommend you log this call with SAP directly as it sounds like a bug in the add-on and SAP will be the only ones to really be able to help you on this.

Hope this helps,