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Depot Register

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Hi ,

I want to know about this Depot register and importance of it


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Anand,

I guess you are refering to RG23D Register.

This register is mainly used by Dealers & registered Depots of manufacturing companies.

This main distinguishing factor between PlLant & Depot Regiter is Dpeot Register can only transfer the same excise liability it has received. It cannot create any new Excise Liability.

Hope this helps...


Jignesh Mehta

Answers (5)

Answers (5)

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Hi Anand ,

Depot resister is capture the all incoming and outgoing excise invoice value RG23D for the excise Department



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Depot in india have to maintain RG23 register.The register is called RG23D register.

The register contains all the inward movement as well as outward movement details chapter heading wise pertaining to the depot.

The transaction is SAP for extraction of RG23D is J2I5.

The transaction code J2I6 is used to take print of the same.

Periodic processing of depot contains quarterly submission of RG23D as well as FORM2 returns.

FORM 2 is also a register which is categorised as dispatches & reciepts in a depot for a quarter grouped by chapter sub-heading.

Hope this is helpful.


Akhileshwar K

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is form2 available in the standard system

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In depot RG32D register is maintained for excise purpose. This register has both the incoming excise invoice details and outgoing excise invoice details.J1IG is used to post incoming excise invoice details in the RG32D register. This register is updated based the GR document (material document). Hence GR at depot have to be done before this transaction. If any changes has to be made to the above created entry in the RG32D register J1IGA transaction is used. Internal excise invoice number created in J1IG transaction is used as reference.

hope this helps out



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Though We consider Depot as a Plant, production is not done in depot. Hence a separate register RG23D is maintained for depot.

This register is like a holder which which passes over the excise liability from plant to customer in depot sales scenario.

RG23D can be captured while MIGO or later through J1IG transaction. While sale to customer the register is updated through t-code J1IJ which is done wit ref to Delivery no. Hence the excise liability is passed over to customer.

These are the basic functionality of RG23D register

for further details please check the link

Hope this will help you

Thanks and Regards


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Register RG 23D

This is a register that is kept by depots (see Sales from Depots). It shows all of the depot's goods receipts; the details of the incoming excise invoices; and the goods issues from the depot.