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Demand planning of tool with PRT(production resource/tool) in routings

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Hello everybody,

The following process should be implemented:

Identical tools are used on different machines. On each machine you could manufacture different materials (semi-finished and finished products in repetitive manufacturing) with the same tools. The tool life strongly depend on the manufactured materials. The tools are inventory managed and were consumptioned in SAP according to the breaking down of the tool.

The target situation is that the tools were planed automatically during the MRP-Run based on the customer demands and resulting demands of semi-finished and finished materials and the tool life.  

To realize the target situation the life time or better the tool requirements per manufactured semi / finished material should be stored in the system.

At the moment I try to realize the following approach:

The customer releases are creating a demand for the finished materials and the MRP run goes through the BOM of the finished material up to semi-finished material down to raw material level. In the routings of the single materials of the BOM the tools were deposited as PRT (production resource/tool). During the MRP-Run the system should determine the needed tools by the PRT’s (production resource/tool) which are deposited in the routings, calculate the requirements of the PRT’s and order new tools in case of PRT shortage.

I’ve tried to implement the above described approach. But it doesn’t work.

The tool is deposited as PRT in the operation of the routing. If I create a planned order with connection to the production version for a material that should be produced and then start the MRP-Run I would expect that the system determines the routing of the material by the production version and

then determines the needed PRT in the operation of the routing and calculating the corresponding demands.  



Is the planning of tools with the above described process of “PRT in routing” possible at all?

If you say yes…which master data must be maintained? What have I forgotten?

Are there any other solutions to realize the above descripted process?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards


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AS per my understanding, PRT cannot be used for the automatic planning (MRP) as we can do for the materials even if it is created with the material type FHMI and assign it to the routing.

You may use a work around. A details are mentioned in the attached thread

Hope this helps