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Demand Management

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I have the PIRs collected in a weekly bucket i.e. on the first day of the week. The sales order consume the PIR. The consumption period should be such that the sales order should consume PIRs of that respective week. It means that the Sales order (SO) should not consume the PIRs either from the previous or future week. The SO may lie in any of the days of the week.

For Example: PIR of 100 pieces in week 23'rd, say Monday and 'SO' of 50 pieces in the same week, say on Friday. The SO should consume the PIRs of the 23'rd week only.

How this can be achieved in SAP system?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear ,

What is the planning strategy are you keeping in material master ?

I hope if your PIR qty is 100pc on 23rd week , Sales Order Qty -50 pcs , MRP may or may not consider this Sales Order which depend on the planning strategy ?

I hope if you do not have any stock or fixed recipet , then sysstem will genrete PR for PIR qty not the Sale Order Qty .

Let say you have the following : Planning strategy : 20

Available stock : 0

Open PO : 0

22nd week PIR -100

23rd week -PIR 200 Sales Order : 23rd week in any daye : 50 pc

24th week -PIR 100

If you run MRP system will carry out the Net Requirement calcualtion , will create PR of 100 PC , 200 PC,100 PC and 50 PC .

It will not consume from PIR .There are various parametrs which needs to be in place to understand the feasibilty of the requirement

So let us know your material master parametrs and requirement more clearly so that forum can give you solution .



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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I got helpful hints. Thanks.

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In the Material master in MRP3 view maintain the consumption mode as '1' backward consumption so your future requirements are not consumed,

in the bwd consumption period maintain as 5 or 6 days (ie no of working days), though it would not help you to consider the requirements the current week only, the consumption would be limited to the previous 5 -6 days.

Try this n revert.



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May I know your exact requirement?

If it does not consume last week PIRs still system would generate planned orders for the shortage quantity of SO.

So, what do you want to achieve by not consuming past week PIRs?; What would you do with those left out PIRs?

Answer for these questions would certainly help me out to get you correct solution.