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delta-link copy

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I followed SAP's recommendation to make copies of the original ESS Portal objects (iViews, Pages, Worksets) so that customer modifications do not happen on the original SAP objects. I have therefore created delta-link copies for all the original SAP objects. However, the "delta-link copy" pages I created use original SAP iViews, not my "delta-link copy" iViews. So customer modifications to the copied iviews will have no effect. One option I have is to re-attach the delta-link-copy iviews to delta-link-copy pages, but in the future SAP may change the relationship page-iView and then my system won't work (or won't take advantage of the SAP enhancement). Any other ideas?

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Answers (2)

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Hi Tiberiu,

I encountered this issue . so i did exactly the same as you. ie., reattaching the delta link copy iviews in to delta link copy pages. This approach really helps

1. the original object can be used as a reference

2. Comes really handy when you use Administrative personalizations on the FPM based ESS/MSS iViews



PS:Hope it helps. Award points if it helps.

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I think you are a bit confused over the "idea" behind those objects. Those iViews and Pages are simply containers. Nothing more. SAP provides you several as starting "building blocks" so you don't have the pain of creating each from scratch. Use them to construct your OWN your case, ESS. Should SAP change what iViews are on what pages or whatnot in some other Business Package, it will not have an impact on you unless you wish to incorporate those changes. Then you can just figure out the changes failry easily and make the changes as needed. It is far more likely that SAP might change the underlying programs/apps/transactions/etc that the iViews call and that is where your concern should be. Make sense? I think people put far too much thought/concern in what a business package actually is really not all that complicated at all so no need to try to make it so.