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Delivery Quantities Issue

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I´m facing problems concerning availability check. I have configured availability check for sales orders and deliveries both considering the parts in stock as well as open production orders (for a more accurate delivery date to the customer). To illustrate the scenario, below follows and example of my situation:

Stock - 100 pcs

Production Order - 200 pcs

Sales Order 1 - 100 pcs - confirmed due to the stock qty

Sales Order 2 - 150 pcs - confirmed due to the open production order

When I try to deliver the SO2 via VL01N, the quantity that appears in the screen is 150 because it is the actual quantity confirmed. Although this is an undesired behavior since I have only 100 pcs in stock, and that´s as many parts I want to deliver (otherwise an error will be returned).

Is there any way to make it work as we need, without delivering the SO1 first.

Suitable answers will be rewarded indeed.

Thanks in advance

Adriano Cardoso

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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The quantity of 150 is copied into the delivery since the confirmed quantity in the schedule lines is 150. The system will not check for the availability of stock while creating the delivery. It checks for the stock only during picking or during PGI. The delivery can be created if the schedule lines are due for delivery. Please change the quantity in the delivery to 100 and try to do PGI. I believe the system will not allow you to do the PGI even for the 100 quantity which is there in the plant, since that quantity is assigned to the SO1.



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