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Delivery printing

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how can I print a delivery ?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Below steps will explain how to get the standard Print output for a delivery.

Go to VL02N

Enter your delivery document number

Go to Menu option -> Extras - Delivery Output - Header

Enter Output type as "LD00"

Press Enter

Highlight the line & press "Further data" button

Set "Dispatch time" as "4 Send immediately (when saving the application)"

Press Back option

Highlight the line & press "Communication method" button

Enter "Logical destination" as "LOCAL" Else get the relevant one from the search help (F4)

Mark "Print immediately" & "Release after output" tick boxes

If you want any additional copies mark it under "Number of messages"

Press Back button


It will directly send a print out to you windows default printer.

If you want to see a print Preview, In the "Change Outbound Delivery" (Vl02N) enter the delivery number

Without going in to the delivery document, go to Menu option "Outbound Delivery -> Issue Delivery Output

Highlight the Output line & press "print Preview" button

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hello how can i fill out the remarks: on printing after your instruction? everytime i print the output the remarks: is always blank? how can i fill up that if i have the remarks on DR when there is a problem on SI printing? pls help me tnx

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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HI There,

If you want to print the delivery document automatically

Step 1

First go to SAP MENU- Logistics- Sales and Distribution-Master Data- Shipping---- VV21-Create- Enter your Output type or SAP Standard delivery output type-Enter- enter sales organization-Fill up the relevant data.

Step 2

do the setting in IMG-- Sales distribution-basic data- output control.

When you create delivery document the output form printed automatically.