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deleting material master

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Hi all.

Is there any report or FM that completely removes the material master from the system?

Award guaranteed!

Regards, Nikolai.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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First mark the material for deletion with transaction MM06 and use transaction MM71 to delete.



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Some info on Material Master archiving in following link:

Best regards

Answers (5)

Answers (5)

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Hi,Please check the below points.

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Archiving the Material Master

Transaction SARA contains all the SAP archiving objects for all the SAP R/3 applications modules. All the SAP archive functions are shown in SARA. Choose the corresponding SAP archive object, hit enter and the archive administration menu will be shown. Provided here will be an example on how to archive the SAP Material Master.

Archive a Material Master Record

When a material is no longer required in a company or plant, you can archive and delete the material master record.

You have to Flag the material master record for deletion. This is known as logical deletion.

Before a material master record can be archived and deleted, other objects (such as purchasing documents) that refer to this material must themselves be archived. You can see which objects these are and the dependencies between them in the network graphic.

If a material master record cannot be archived and deleted at a given organizational level, the reason is given in the log (for example, a purchase order exists for the material). The log also contains technical data such as the number of material master records read and the number deleted.

Some of the archive error log message :-

Costing data exists

Use in routing

Use in sales and distribution

Use in bill of material

Delivery exists

Costing data exists

Info record exists

Purchase order exists

The Archiving steps :-

Archiving object MM_MATNR for archiving material master records.

You can display the archived data, but not reload it.

To archive the material master, first goto transaction MM71.

Type in a variant name and click Maintain. (Tick the Test Mode for archive simulation).

Save the variant.

Maintain the Start date and Spool parameters and click execute.

Click Goto Job Overview to check the archive status.

To do a permanent delete, goto transaction SARA and click Delete button.

Maintain the Archive Selection, Start date and Spool parameters.

Click Test Session for testing or click execute to start the deletion program.

Click Goto Job Overview to check the delete status.

Now, if you goto MM02/MM03, you will not be able to find the record in the material master.



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Hello Nikolai,

If you want to delete a Material you must do it in two steps:

1. Mark the Material for deletion. You can do it using the Function Module: BAPI_MATERIAL_DELETE.

2. Archive the Material object. This can be done using the program: MMREO110N.

Hope this helps (and obtain some points),


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Check this FM..But am Not Sure..




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Vishnu Reddy

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Thanks all, but it the report or FM would be better (if there's any). Still needed.

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Use MM06 Tcode.