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Default Profit Center - automatically generated doc split in KSV5

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Hello Experts,

We are running Distribution Cycle (T-code KSV5). Because we have large number of receivers, the number of lines which are getting posted is more than 999. We used business transaction SPL (Table T030) & assign a GL Code for document split. Now when we run the distribution cycle, we are getting 2 documents posted. The issue is that the new line so generated does not get a profit center value.

We configured 3KEH to assign a default center for the GL code. However, this configuration is not working.

We can not use OKB9 as the GL Code is not a cost element.

Pls advise as to is there any other way we can configure so that a default center should be assigned to the split line item.

Thanking you in advance,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Please read note 1177258 and see if that helps.



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Thank You.

This note explains as to how the split of fi document is activated, which I wanted to know.

However, my issue still remains.

The line item so generated using document split needs a profit center. Since the line is automatically generated internally, we can not enter values manually.

We configured FAGL3KEH, 3KEI. We expected to solve this issue using these 2 transaction. but it is not working.

At present we are planning to use substitution rule.

However, my question still remains:- how can we make a default center to be posted automatically at the time of document split.

Thanks & Regards



While checking further, I found SAP Note # 1512317. This SAP Note is to "automatic update of mandatory fields for new GL splitting functionality." However, this note needs to be installed only if it is required in another referring note. At present I could not find any SAP Note which refer to this SAP Note (still checking)

In view of this, I wanted to ask you all whether we should implement corrections mentioned in this note.

Please advise


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