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Data Extraction for Z CDS View created by RAP which has status Not Released.

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We have created a Interface using RAP to calculation of Product Parameters. now we need to use these values in Custom Fields as F4 Value Help on the Production Order Header.

But the CDS view created from RAP has Status not Released for "Key User" as well as "Cloud" Development.

Is there something that we are setting up wrong or this extensibility is not possible.


Thanks & Regards

Ashish Talekar


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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi @Ashish_Talekar : If the cloud development status is Not released, then it cannot be used for developer extensibility. Similar query has been answered in the KBA - 3387003 - The use of CDS Entity XYZ is not permitted - Developer Extensibility - SAP S/4HANA C....


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Hi @Saumitra 

Below is the Scenario:

  • The Product is classified based on different parameters such as strength, width, length, belt type wise specifications etc. which are different for each order and we need to capture all the customer requirements during sales order processing.
  • We have created a Project Summary Report which has the required calculated field values using RAP. Now we need to use these values into custom fields, One of the key field from the project summary will be selected in the Sales Order Screen custom field using F4 Value Help, rest fields on the order screen are to filled using the Project summary values based on the key field selection. Eg: Project Summary Report no : 1 is selected in custom field, Length, width, type etc are to be fetched from the Project summary report cds view.
  • Below is the screenshot of the Project Summary Report Setup, it is enabled for usage in Key User Apps and Cloud Development.
  • Ashish_Talekar_0-1709202843514.png


  •  To do this we can try using Custom logic available in SAP Public cloud the only Challenge is that the CDS view for Project Summary created using RAP is not Released.
  • Are we Setting up the RAP Parameters incorrectly?
  • Ashish_Talekar_1-1709203053965.png

    Thanks & Regards,


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