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Data Center inquiry (SHA3 - Shanghai)

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Dear All,

I understand that data centers vary depending on the country assigned to the tenant company. For Asia, it is the D10 data center, but for China, the SHA3 data center is specially needed. (Legal matter)

[Data Center Inform]

D10 - Sydney - Australia SHA3 - Shanghai - China


I have a question about the combination of company country and data center.

  1. When issuing a tenant for a China company, can a Vietnam or Japan corporation be added to the tenant that is a China data center(SHA3)?

a. China Company: Parent Company (Company Name: AA Inc.)
b. Vietnam Company: Subsidiary (Company Name: bb Inc.)
c. Japanese Company: Subsidiary (Company Name: cc Inc.)

EX. Tenant : ABC / Country :China / Data Center: SHA3/ Company :AA Inc.

To a tenant issued by bb inc. (Country: Vietnam), cc Inc. When adding (Country: Japan), is it okay if the data center is SHA3?


  • This is not Tennant's (my422545) inquiry I would like to get help from SAP before configuring my tenant. Please note that we had no choice but to write this as an incident because there are no deployment examples related to data centers, and we ask for your support!

Best Regards,

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