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Cycle count

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Hello all,

I have a client requirement where I have to cycle count. To Initiate the cycle count I created a system inventory record manually for each storage bin and storage type. But the client requirement is to create a <b>SINGLE</b> system inventory record which has<b> two or more storage types instead of only one storage type.</b> I would like to know whether any SAP functionality or t-code exists for it. If so, pl. post the t-code and procedures.



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If you have WM then the transaction is LICC

To be able to use LICC you need to set up cycle counting in the config

In transaction OMCO make the following settings

Plant XXXX your plant

CC phys inv ind - this can be anything make it A

No of physical inv - 250

Interval -1

Float time -1

percentage - 100 and save.

Finally for ALL materials in the material master - Plant data storage 1 view in the

CC phys inv ind field which is ABCIN in table MARC populate this with 'A'

This will mean that all materials can be counted with LICC.

I t does not matter if you never count them but it is easier to put A against every material that is WM Managed to be sure.

I have this so I know that it works.

in OMNK in wm ensure that for all st types you have the cycle count box ticked. You can then enter a material and the system will create a count for everywhere that it thinks that material is.

I hope that this helps