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customer restricted by plant

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Hi Experts,
What are all the settings we should do in XD01 and XD02 so that a basis guy can restrict customer by plant.I mean to say authorization group, sales area and plant etc

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customer master block at company code level and sales area level only not for plant level , customer restricted by sales area and company code level, based on my knowledge basis people not restricted the particular customer because it deeding on  marketing department , basis people will give the authorization for creation of customer master , change and display , it means particular user can assign the t codes only like XD01,XD02,XD03,  authorization group maintain at depending on users.

you restricted the customer at sales area and company code level , t code XD05 , here you enter the which sales area and company code like below screen ,

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Hi Anjali,

A customer can be blocked/deleted for a particular company code or sales area. You can block a customer for a sales area or all the sales area and for a company code or for all company code. There is a deletion flag which can be set for 1 sales area or for all the sales area..

Otherwise plantwise blocking is not possible in xd01/xd02.

To block for company code or sales area follow the below path.

Execute Transaction XD02 (Customer Change) - Extras - Blocking Data and Deletion Flag

Hope it helps.


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Please put the Delivery plant in Customer master (XD02) - Sales Area Data - Shipping (Tab) - Delivering Plant. check may it works..