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Customer number of business partner can not be determined

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I created the BP for role TR0100 Main Loan Partner and I also added the role for FLCU00 for FI Client where I put the Company Code information and link this BP with the customer number in FI.

When I am create a general loan (SAP Banking) the system did not determine the customer number in the Partner view, so when I go to make a Disburse (FN5V), I put the company code and the contract number, and then I get the error message "Customer number of main loan partner cannot be determined" Message no. 67087.

I have reviewed the configuration and the SAP help for this scenario but I have not resolved this problem. We are starting this project so do you think this error could be generated because FI has not been fully customized ?

Thank you for your help.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You have to set the posting direction to Customer in few areas of configuration for payment with Customer Posting:

1. Company Code settings for loan product type and aainst each activity of loan ( application/contract etc)

2. For flow types other than disbursement check payment tick at assignment of condition type to flow types.


Prasad AV

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Thank you Prasad,

But I have not resolved the issue,

I reviewed you 2 suggestions but the issue still continues.

1. I configured 2 company codes and the settings for product types and the activities for the loans are completed. In fact, I can save contracts and see the cash flow.

2. I am using for example the condition 201 A_Nominal Interest and the flow type assigned is 0110 and the check "Payment transaction" is set.

I hope you can tell me others suggestions,

Thank you.


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Finally I could solve the issue the problem was that in the definition of the product type I put FI posting field = 3 Actual records in subledger with customer, but in the status 60 contract said 4 Actual records in subledger without customer, so I changed the 4 to 3, and the problem was solved.

Thank you

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