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Customer Master Problem

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Hi All,

I have a very typical case:

I have customers listed against company codes which are non-existant for example:

Customer Co.Code

100011 0001 (Company Code Not There)

100012 0001 (Company Code Not There)

100011 0003 (Company Code is Available)

100013 0003 (Company Code is Available)

Is there any way i can delete the above customer 100011 as it is not available in SAP? This happened when the data was uploaded from the legacy system. Currently there is data in customer 100011 in Company Code 0003.

Please help me to solve this....

Also let me know that in case if there is a company code that is "INACTIVE" and is deleted from SAP how do we also delete the customers that are created for it?




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hi Raj,

Try using t.code obr2 : deleting master data

Hope this helps.

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Hi Ravi,

When i use T.Code obr2 for deleting master data, and give the company code 0001, it gives mea an error company code not available.

My problem is there is no company code created but customer master records for that company code is there and i want to delete it as there are around 400 records which are like this.



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Dear Raj

You have to FD05 - Block/unblock the customer and FD06 - Mark for deletion.

This is the solution.

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with Regards