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Customer Invoice Clearing against Advance

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Dear All,

I have a scenario, in which for Eg:

We have a customer advance of 100000 Rs.

The 1st invoice is raised for 10000, and we clear it against this advance and remaining left is 90000 rs.

Now is their any Tcode in which I can setoff these invoices against that particular advance

F-39 is not suitable for such requirement... is their any other way to do that

Kindly suggest



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Answers (6)

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Hi Prashanth,

For Customer down payments clearing through only T-code-F-39 only so please do the Partial clearing in this T-code only better to go head with this,No need of any alternative way pls go head with the same and i hope this will help you a lot.



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Please find the following procedure for clearing downpayment against customer invoice:

1) Clear the down payment received Using T.Code:F-39

2) Clear the Customer account Using the T.Code:F-32

Note: Here you will click the process open item tab in appl. bar. Then you will see the line items for downpayment and invoice

Select DA and DR document types for clearing the customer.

Thanks & Regards,

S. Umamageshwaran

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Dear Prashant Goel

F-39 will reach your scenario. when ever you running the partial amount of the invoice in F-39 Please remove the document no. in Invioce ref. field under Relevant invoice Tab. in second screen the amount field you can give your 10000/- it will take. later you can save and check your customer line items in FBL5N. with spl gl transaction



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Hi Expert,

For Down payments and Advances, SAP provided only T-Code: F-39 (For Down payment Clearing) with respect to Invoice.

Try this T-Code: F-39, which will work for your scenario, which will clear the amount with respect to Invoice.

No other scenario is preferable...




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please kindly read the report sapf124 documentation by se38 that states:

The remaining open items are grouped according to fixed system criteria:

o Company code

o Account type

o Account number

o Reconciliation account number

o Currency key

- BSID-WAERS for customers

- BSIK-WAERS for vendors

- BSIS-PSWSL for G/L accounts

o Special G/L indicator

The program also groups items according to a maximum of five user


Therefore You cannot use the F.13 to clear two documents that belongs to two different account number.

Please try using the transaction FB05.

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By Calling T code F.13 , v can do auto clearing .

System would clear by default based Debit and Credit with same Assignment number, Value and currency u2026.etc for the respective customer .

U can define rule in T code OB74.

There is no impact on any financial statement, it will create one clearing document number.

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you set up F.13 for auto-clearing and you need to specify your clearing rules in SPRO - Prepare Auto Clearing. usually this is auto clearing is setup as regular batch job.