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Customer Down Payment Process

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Please guide me in the customer down payment process.

I have made a 10000 as down payment to our customer in F-29.

After that i created Customer invoice using F-22.

After that i paid invoice amount thrugh f-39 with the clearing of down paymet.

Now my down payment was fullly utilized and inovice was also paid.

If i see in FBL5N the customer balance zero.

why should i again do the transaction in F-32.

Please guide me


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sateesh,

in f-32 you will clear the open items.

the process will be like this.

1.fist u got the u will post at f-29

system will creat a customer open item here.

2.then u will rise the Customer invoice at f-22

3.then you have to clear the down payment at f-39.

4.then you have to clear the customer open item at f-32.

here you will clear the Customer open item where u have in step 1.

now chekc the balence.


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Thanks for the info. Still i have a doubt

I created a down payment entry for 50000 in F-29.

After that i created invoice for only 30000 in F-22.

After that i adjusted this amount through in F-39.

If i done f-32 as per your advice, remaining 20000 will go to different postings.

And again if i creted f-22 system is not showing the remaining amount 20000 as down payment,

i need that 20000 should be showed as down payment.


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Hi Satheesh,

In F-39 only use 30000 to be cleared from special GL (down payment). Then balance 20000 will show as down payment.

Then use F-32 to clear the invoice with this amount.

using F-39 does not clear the invoice. it only moves the amount from down payment to the normal customer account.

Let me know if you have solved your problem



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