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Custom Infotype Problem (Bachelor's Thesis)

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Hi SAP Gurus,

I'm studying IT management and I'm supposed to start writing my bachelor's thesis soon. For the bachelor thesis I was given a problem from which I should formulate the topic for the work. The focus of the topic is in the SAP HCM module.

It is about a customer-specific infotype (legal basis) that is connected to several other infotypes (ie has reference infotypes, subtypes and validity date). However, the connection between the infotypes is not always clear enough and I should think of a concept for improving the clear connection.

The topic of the bachelor thesis could then be formulated as follows:

"Evaluation of best practices for managing customer-specific infotypes in SAP systems"


"Development of a clear assignment method for customer-specific infotypes in SAP systems"

Could you guys please give me some tips on what to even start with? Point me to the literature, sources and concepts that are useful for the problem?


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In most cases, infotypes are independently created with a specific set of business process data. For example, PA Infotypes would be specific to a Personnel (PERNR) as one of the key characteristic. PA0002 is the personal data, PA0006 is the address data of the personnel and others.

There are infotypes that have secondary relationship like IT0021 would contain the personnel's family member details. The family member's ID details are stored in a secondary infotype IT0335 (for specific countries). However, in essence, it's still an independent data grouping for PA.

Where can we find this information? the best place is T582V and T582W tables that would contain the Primary - Secondary infotype information.

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Thank you for your response! Could you please recommend me some sources where I could read about the allocation methods of infotypes?