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Custom Field of Field Type "Amount with Currency"?

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How is a Custom Field of Field Type "Amount with Currency" to handle? This field is a little special because for one field of this type 3 Field Component Names are automatically created:




How to use it in the custom logic?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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There are no code snippets exemplifying the use of this custom field in the custom logic.

One text attribute is for the actual currency field, second being for the description and third being for the value. Depending on what you require in your code for logic, you can use the relevant fields to complete your solution. It has been observed that the YY1...PRIT field is missing in the logic as a parameter to be added.

YY1_..._PRI -> this is the value of the Amount field (e.g. 10.00)

YY1_..._PRIC -> this is the currency of the Amount field (e.g. EUR)

YY1_..._PRIT -> this is the description of the currency of the Amount field (e.g. Euro )

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