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Currently lacking on Standard Chart of account for Poland

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Hello SAP Team,

Although Poland is a localized country in SAP, we are currently unable to access the standard Chart of Accounts for Poland.
The business team requires the standard COA to facilitate the mapping process between the SAP Chart of Accounts and the legacy COA.

It would greatly facilitate our operations if SAP could provide the Chart of Accounts for Poland.


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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Delivered Local Chart of Accounts can be checked directly by accessing the Best Practice Explorer. Please check the SAP Community Post Local Chart of Account availability

1) Select the desired country version, and select the "Account Determination (Local) Accelerator" from the bottom of the page.

2) This will automatically download an excel containing all YCOA accounts and their correspondents in the local Chart Of Accounts (if any).

3) The field to be checked in the downloaded excel is I_ALTKT - Alternative Account Number .

As you can see PL is not in the chart. Which means Poland is not delivered with a local Chart of Account.

But SAP S/4HANA Cloud provides reference content for these different types of COA that you can fully adopt or use as templates for creating your own chart of accounts. For example, the pre-delivered operating COA is the standard chart of accounts YCOA.

An alternative chart of accounts is specific to a country/region and contains the G/L accounts that meet specific legal reporting requirements in that country/region.

Please find SAP Help Portal pages for reference:

Chart of Accounts

How to create an Alternative Chart of Account

I hope it helps.

Best regards

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