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creedit check on number of days

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how can i configure credit check on basis of only payment terms(i.e number of days)

like if payment terms is 10 days and payment not received from customer next sales order should get blocked automatically.


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Answers (4)

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I hope following SDN thread might be able to assist to you in your requirement:




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Dear NakulRaj ,

Please follow the below steps.

In OVA8, click on oldest open item , and maintain 0 as no of days.

(if you have a check based on credit limit, then click DYNAMIC also, else use only OLDEST OPEN ITEM)

Now with the help of abaper, run a sales cycle.

System will throw an error message during sales order creation (first on the basis of credit limit and then on the basis of oldest open item)

Note the message no / position in the program which gets triggered because of oldest open item.

Now ask your Abaper to identify an exit before this position.

There wrte the following logic.

Take Kunnr from VBAK and put it in BSEG.

Check for all the line enteries which are OPEN with type RV (if you are considering only billing documents)

{Now select that entries and input the same in VBRK where you will get the Terms of Payment}

I think Due date will be available in the BSEG itself .. if so then need not do the steps underlined

Now compare the system date with the due date of all the billing documents open.

If the condition fails, then trigger the message.

Else bypass the message.

Check and revert back.

Thanks & Regards,

Hegal K Charles

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As per my knowledge we can't control the credit limit based on the payment terms because suppose if you take one example like

at the time of sale order enduser change the payment terms 45 days to 90 days payment terms that is the case you cant control

my suggestion is you better to go with any userexit but i am not sure what user exit and what code you need to write the logic



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Hi Nakul Raj,

This question is already answered.Please find the below link

Hope this will helps you