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Credit Memos for Service based ERS PO

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Dear Experts ,

I am seeking some expert assistance with a scenario for Service based ERS PO`s involving credit memos.

Po Has been created with

GR Based IV = X
Service based IV = X
AutoEvalGrSettlment = X

Purchase Order Item 10 - Header Service Qty 1 AU with Item Category = D and Account Assignment = P.
Service Item 10 - Cleaning Qty 54 - Gross Price 440.00 - Total Value 23,760.00 CAD

Accept and Post a Service Entry Sheet

Service Item 10 - Cleaning Qty 54 EA - Gross Price 440 - Total Value 23760 CAD.

Perform ERS - Invoice is posted automatically for the values as per GR

Service Item 10 - Cleaning Qty 54 EA - Gross Price 440 CAD - Total Value 23760 CAD

After some time we receive an credit memo, It has been posted against Original PO
Qty 6.182 Value 2,720.00

Everything seems good as initial thought was Finance will Clear GR/IR account manually using MR11.
But issue is that system automatically posted AccM entry next day as below

I want to know how system determined to create AccM Automatically user is Batch job.

I was trying to recreate the scenario in QAS but when i post Credit memo it has not generated any AccM entry under PO automatically .
I try to do MRRL for same Po But there are no open item AVL for this Po to create any invoice , Please help me to know reason & How i can Replicate this one .

Thanks in Advance

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