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Credit management for multiple company codes under one Credit control area.

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Dear Guru's..

I have a situation here which requires expert guidance.

My client has 4 line of businesses under the same group of companies umberalla.

Example Group Company - COMP.

under this group COMP, there are CMP1, CMP2, CMP3, CMP4 as 4 different company codes as per legal restrictions.

All individual companies have different products to be sold and have their own balance sheet at the end of the year.

So far so good.

But, when it comes to credit management, client is asking for a solution like this:

With 1 Credit Control Area - CCA1 (all 4 company codes assigned to this).

There has to be a total limit on Credit control area - CCA1 - 10000 USD.

But each Company code should have sub limits like CMP1 - 1000, CMP2 - 3000, CMP3 - 2000, CMP4 - 4000.

As there are customers buying from all 4 company codes .. So, each customer should have one global limit called 10000 and that should be split into individual limits as per company code.

If the credit limit is exceeded in one company code, system should give relevant message.

Having a global limit is good enough, but how is it we could check for the cub levels?

Kinldy advice..

Pl let me know if u need any additional details..

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Thread duplicated with .

Please close it.