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Credit Management_Customer is blocked although system is not restricting for any Transaction

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Hello All,

Although the Customer is blocked in Credit Rules, the system has allowed to create the Sales Order, delivery and Invoice.

Either there should be an restriction by the system or it should allow to create only after releasing the Customer from Block. Please share the possible items to check and restrict it.



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Answers (2)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Shirisha,

Do you mean the "Blocked in credit management" indicator?
(UKM_BP -> Credit Segment -> Control section)

Or do you mean a specific credit check step should have failed?
For that you need to ensure that the configuration from SD side is also in place.
OVAK, OVAD - level of credit check
OVA8 - activating the SAP Credit Management check

Then also on document level you need to have credit value if you want to use credit limit check.
CMPNT - credit active indicator of item category X
CMPRE - credit price should not be zero
FKREL - billing relevant item category is needed
confirmed quantity on schedule lines (for delivery-related billing)

I suggest you to use the report CHECK_CM on your order and see if the details are correctly filled. CTLPC and KNKLI might show as red, because FSCM doesn't use the KNKK table anymore, but that is fine.

SAP documentation could also help: KBA 2788718 - Configuration checklist for SAP Credit Management (FSCM)

Best regards,

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Hello Edina, how are you? I hope so!

I think our colleague's doubt must be the same as the one I am going to report.

I have a requirement that recording an order with automatic credit approval or no credit check should not be allowed if the business partner does not have an expanded credit segment or does not have a procedure, risk class or verification rule in the master data of the customer.

Is there any way to not allow recording of an order until all requirements are met?

The customer understands that if the credit segment was not expanded, the customer should not have permission to make purchases using credit, however in this case, the standard does not even check and already allows the release of the VA, VL and VF flow. Is there a way to not allow the order to be created until all requirements are met?

Thank you for your attention in advance

Active Contributor
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Hello shirishadevara,

Please check the settings in OVA8, whether you have maintained to block the sales order or not.


Neeraj Jain