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Creation of Location Master Data

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What's the transaction code for creating Location master data or program SAPL0A02? Has anyone tried to do LSMW or SCAT for uploading hundreds of items?

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If I am correct we can create locations through SPRO transcation.

Enterprise Structure>Definition->Logistics General--> Define location.

Here we can create number of locations on plant wise.

The key in this field indicates a location within a plant.

You can use the location to set up a plant according to space and local area. You can assign an address to a location.

The following master data objects can be referenced to a location:

Asset master records of asset management


Functional location

Work center

Production resource/tool



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we can upload with mass records in lsmw this is the easy way, if you want to use BDC then you need to work out with ABAPer to devlope the BDC.

then to create the location we dont have the t-code.

this is the path Enterprise Structure>Definition->Logistics - General>Define Location.

what i suggest is for any uploading yuo need to craete th text file. instead of that you craete a exelc file with 3 coluns plant ,location and name.

at a time you can copy and paste 23 rows . better go with this.

or go with BDc


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Do you mean Functional Location ?

If so, then the TCode is IL01


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No, not the functional location. I'm pertaining to the location field which can be maintained in the asset master data.

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You have to create in SPRO

Enterprise Structure - Definition - Logistics General - Define Location

- Pithan