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Create with reference is overwriting original data

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Whenever I create a new record in VA01 using the create with reference function, anytime I update the Ship-To or End User Partner functions, the new data overwrites the original data.  
The original data should remain the same always, despite what the new transactions show.

For example: I create a return with reference to a sales order.  I then create a replacement order with reference to the return.  When I update the ship-to on the replacement order - usually to add the word "REPLACEMENT" to the ATTN: line, "Replacement" then shows up on both the return and the original sales order ship-to info.  Not the worst thing that could happen, opposed to when I have to change the entire ship-to address on the replacement order, and it then overwrites the ship-to on both the return and original order...

Why is this happening and how can this be fixed?

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