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Create Proforma Invoice from Service Confirmation without complete/finalize confirmation

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I am working on Service Orders (on SAP Public Cloud) and my client need to validate the invoice with his client before to send to billing department. 

I am currently testing and the only way I can create any billing document is from a billing request, and this step is only available after confirmation is complete/final.

This status is not the perfect one for my client, because any feedback from the client will not be able to be changed on confirmations if the status is already finished. 

There is any possibility to handle a copy rule that allows me to create a Proforma invoice from the confirmation with a status "open"? 

Do you have some other ideas? 

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello ,

Service process allows to create Billing document requests based on the confirmations.

From the Billing document request using the application create preliminary billing document you can create billing Documents that can be used for the negotiations.

Also the Manage Preliminary Billing Documents app can be used to create the standard billing document (that the customer is expected to settle) on the basis of the preliminary billing document.

Once then negotiations are complete then the final invoices can be created.

For your customer need instead of the proforma invoice the preliminary billing documents are an exact fit.

Please refer to the link as well for more details