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create new transaction code for this new transaction variant

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Dear Expert,

I have created the screen variant from SHD0, and it works. I can see the screen that I want, with only the production version field is unlocked, others are locked.

but the problem is how to create new t-code? so that the t-code MD12 itself is not influenced. do we able to create the new t-code from SHD0?

if can, how?

I realise when I assigned the screen variant to the new transaction variant , this changes is cross client.

To go back to original screen of MD12 just delete the assigned screen variant right??

please advice,



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When you create new transaction variant, original transaction remains as it is. During creation of transaction variant, when you go to one by one screen, screen variants are created. It uses variant name and can be see on each screen on the top.

Once you complete trasnaction, you start using this transaction variant instead of original transaction. In SHD0, there is button on the top 'assign screen variants' which allows you to assign all screen variants created above. You can refer help file which i think has procedure to do this.

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Just one thing i forgot to add is that you create 'trasnaction with Variant' in SE91 giving original trasnaction code and your variant. Now, you can use this trasnaction code instaed of original.