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Create New Document type as Copy of ER to be able to post Employee Reimbursements

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Hi Expert community,

We have two source systems to send the Employee reimbursements to SAP S4 Hana Cloud System. The Employee reimbursements could include Intercompany postings and so we are using the document type ER to be able to post the expense along with IC between both the Company codes. for one Source system we are currently using document type ER.

For the ease of postings and reconciliation from second Source system, we need another document type which is a copy of ER document type to be able to post the similar postings. When we tried to copy document type ER and create a new document type, we are not able to see the same functionality being copied.

Like for example: it is mandatory to give Personnel number while using document type ER, if we do not give personnel number while posting with document type ER, we are running into below error –

However, we are allowed to post without Personnel number with the newly copied Document type.

And If we are posting with WBS Element that belongs to another Company Code with the newly copied Document type, we are running into the below error -

So eventually we are not able to copy document type ER to a new one and create similar postings. Did anyone face same issue. Can you please suggest.

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