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Create document function invisible in purchase requisition for Object Linkage

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Required configuration are carried for object linkage in DMS. However, Create Document function is not visible in Purchase requisition screen (ME51N/ME52N) for object linkage.

Kindly support.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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based on your description please ensure first that the new screens are used for object link functionality.

To ensure that always the current screens and authorizations were called please maintain also the value "1" into the "Authorization" column. For further information on this maintenance please see the SAP note 1066915. It's important that you not enter the mentioned screen number without the leading "1" as this number is added automatically by the system (e.g. object MARA 1201 maintain like MARA 201). You can do this in customizing under:

Transaction SPRO
> Cross-Application-Component
> Document Management
> Control Data
> Define screen for object links

If you need the dynpro number or object you will find all standard SAP objects and their screen number in function module CV130 (Screens) by transaction SE80. Please maintain all necessary SAP objects.

With the new screens the "Create" button should be visible when you have activated the configuration in DC10--> Document Type --> Define Object Link. Here please ensure that a value is maintained for field "Create Document" (e.g. '1' stands for simple creation and '2' stands for creation with transaction).

Best regards,

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