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Create customer from external system

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Dear Gurus, appreciate to get some help.

There is requirement to create customer in ERP from external system with PI.

As we know it's possible via IDoc DEBMAS06. But i need also create international adress version and classification. My thoughts that i need to use CLFMAS and ADRMAS IDoc with my DEBMAS06, problem is i have not customer number at this moment.

I can't understand how link them between each other ( CLFMAS -> DEBMAS06 <- ADRMAS).

What best decision should i use if it's not possible? (send data to ERP via DEBMAS06 addition segment's and process them via ABAP create additional IDoc's after creating customer master for example, or using some BAPI? for clfmas i can use BAPI_OBJCL_CREATE, but i did't find bapi for internetional adresses. Also i think i can use SHDB for this reason?)

With respect and gratitude,

Artem Ankudinov

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