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Create bill of material using copy from same plant but another usage

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Hello Gurus,

My client wants to create BOM with Copy function in the same plant.

Issue details are given below.

For material "A" there are BOM available for usage 1 (production) and 2 (Engg).

Now user create the BOM with same material "A" & same plant for "Usage 2" with copy function.

If you ENTER System gives information message for adding alternative BOM and popup new window "Copy from".

In this "Cpoy from" window "Material, plant & usage" these fields are not editable.

Client wants to "Usage" field should be editable. ( Because user wants to copy BOM from usage "1" to usage "2")

Here if BOM for Usage "2" is not available then system allow to change material,palnt & usage by using copy function.

But if already BOM is exist for usage "2" then system is not allowing to change materil, pant & usage fields while copy fucntion.

Please suggest me any possible solution.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards

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Hi Hemant,

Goto CS01, give Plant, Material, Usage and Altenative and press Enter. The System will take u to the item overview Screen, there in the Menu goto "EDIT" then select "EXTEND", system will pop up a screen, here u give the material, plant, usage and alternative from which you want to copy the BOM then press enter. Now select all the components or select the components whichever is required and press the copy button at the top. all the items will get copied but the header datas will not get copied and manually u have to enter the header datas.

Hope the above will solve ur issue.



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This worked. Thanks so much!