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Could not find a warehouse number for ERP warehouse number

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Good day, everyone! I'm new in EWM and trying to pass through basics in this module, but faced an issue during Inbound Delivery processing. In my system EWM is embedded to ERP.

I successfully created Inbound Delivery in ERP and got a notification about passing to another system

The inbound delivery is intended for ERP WM Warehouse №101:

But actually distribution didn't happen, as I got error in qRFC monitor: "Couldn't find a warehouse number for ERP whse num"

In customizing I found the link between ERP WM Warehouse №101 and EWM Warehouse №1010 is already maintained:

What else could be missing in customizing?

How to reprocess the Inbound Delivery from ERP to EWM?

Thanks in advance

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Hope Identifying logical system name for both clients ECC and EWM and also ABAP connection is established.

Check the below settings in ECC:

Creation of warehouse and assign to plant sloc (ROD Receiving on Dock and AFS Available for Stock).

Control parameter settings

Map ECC number to EWM warehouse number.

Create distribution model

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And also check in EWM system

Recipient dependent settings.

Document type/ Item type mapping is required

Mapping of plant, SLOC for goods movement

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check this




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Product and Topic Expert
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that link for the warehouse numbers you show in your screenshot is unnecessary resp. only required for CIF.

The proper assignment must be done in the EWM customizing.

You should check implementation guides.



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And it is EWM. NOT eWM - Duh!
And if your question includes the word "transfer order" - do NOT tag the question with Extended Warehouse Management!

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Good day, Juergen!

Thank you for your reply. Could you suggest some publicly shared implementation guide to follow? My SAP HANA is 1909 version.

I found some link:

Is that good and complete guide to work with, or maybe you have better choice to advice? I would appreciate to know your opinion.

Meanwhile, I found a solution to continue training course - I just used another EWM warehouse (1710) configured in my system. It worked OK, and Inbound Delivery for that warehouse transferred successfully.

Later I would try to compare customizing to find a root cause of the issue.