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Costing of Material without BOM & its Impact in COPA

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I have a scenario wherein Few Finished materials does not have BOM and Routing. However client is aware of Standard Price for these Materials. These materials are lying in stock since long but may get sold. Client is ready to update standard price by MR21 and would not mind to exclude these materials from costing run. However We have profitability analysis active, so as per my understanding while selling such parts for which system does not have costing run, it will give cost estimate error since no costing variant was used for price calculation of these materials.

Need your suggestions.



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You don’t use MR21 because SAP don’t create CO-PA
document w
ithout standard cost estimate of material which have
price control “S” w
hen you create billing document  .

To change material current stock’s amount, you can use MR21.

MR21 don’t have a role to release standard cost to material master.

For material which don’t have BOM and routing but have price control “S”

, you should calculate standard cost using t-code KKPAN to create billing
document without e
rror related to standard cost.

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Hello All,

I tried few options and below here are observations:

@ Hrushikesh : I think PA transfer structure is for some different purpose.

@ Veenu & Rajneesh : System does not only looks for standard price in material master it also looks for cost estimate derived using costing variant mentioned in costing key that is assigned to material type.

@ Ajay : I tried your solution but still system is issuing message. I do not have issue error message ticked in my costing key i.e. assigned to material type, but still system is issuing message.

I tried one solution but don't know whether the approach is correct or wrong.

Client is aware of Standard Price of the material. So I took costing run without quantity structure from KKPAN and used category "V" and entered the standard price. Released this cost estimate and this helped me as system did not issue any error message while posting billing document.

Please let me know whether this is a correct approach.


Rahul Kulkarni

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Hi Rahul

You are correct, it will give you error message..

There are multiple ways of handling this.. If no of such materials are not more, I will suggest this..

Create 2 Costing Keys - X01 and Y01.. Both have same settings, except in the 2nd costing Key (say, Y01) , don't switch on the option of "issue error msg if no cost estimate found"

Now, for the materials having no Std cost - Assign Y01 in KE4H @ the product level and for the rest assign X01 in KE4J i.e. @ Material type level

Br, Ajay M

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Hi Rahul,

At the time of Billing sytem will take the price whatever is last available in the system.



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Dear Rahul

In my opinion system will not give any error as all FERT material movements are done at a price which is maintained in MBEW and at STPRS field (Planned Price), and MR21 updates that field only.

When we do costing run system calculates standard price and updates it in MBEW at LPLPR field (Standard Price) and at the same time updates STPRS also.

So in both ways STPRS is updated as a result.


Rajneesh Saxena

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I think when you update standard price through MR21 there will be a cost element, and it will be mapped to a value fields in COPA , Check PA transfer Structure (t-code KEI3) Once you are done with the billing after sales of the same Finished Good it should update COPA.

I hope it helps

Best Regards