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Costing levels in CK40N

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Can someone help me understand what each costing level, 1,2,3 thur 6, mean in costing run, in CK40N.

I appreciate your help.

Thank you

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Ram

Costing levels are derived based on BOM structure. For Ex


the first level starts with RM and so on and the final level is the FG

The use of these levels in costing run is

1) When u r creating costing run for large number of materials it is diff to analyse the errors if the costing level is not selected

2) If u do costing run thru each level by level u can analyse the problems at each level, rectify them and then move on to next level

3) This improves system performance also

4) Also, you can have better control over the errors. Most of the times becoz of couple of errors if level wise is not selected, all the final level costs show errors becoz they use the same level 1 matl

Hope the above clarifies - Pls assign points

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Thank you very much, Sreedhar.

I have assigned points

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