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Costing-based COPA postings transmission across systems

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Dear SAP gurus,

I'd like to seek your help on costing-based CO-PA document transmission across systems. Let me try to put it in a simpler way.

The necessities/benefits of copying CO-PA document

  1. COPA document in the source system provides more detail information for FI/CO users internal analysis use.
  2. The original document relationship remains in the receiver system to mitigate reconciliation issues, if any.


Questions in detail

1. If we find a way to capture all key info from source system that allows us to create new COPA document (e.g. KE21N etc.) in the target system and use IDoc type e.g. FIDCC2 to transfer FI document only. Is it possible to connect the new FI document and COPA document in the target system? If yes, what's the logic behind it?

2. IS it possible if we choose transferring COPA document using IDoc type CPXXXX (for costing-based COPA), but only keeping some key information (e.g. product number (ARTNR) is available in COPA document whereas FI document not) in CO-PA document of source system then derive the rest part following strategy in receiver system? Is there any SAP standard function can satisfy this requirement?




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