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Costing a material with Sales BOM 5

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We are having sales BOM for a material and sales order level working fine. Now the ask is, we want to have standard costing at material master level(like with production BOM) . Currently we have penny cost at material.

Our material master has production version created with sales BOM( Usage type 5). When we use CK11N(by selecting usage as 5 manually )&CK24 we are able to cost the material without any issues.

But since we need to cost many materials we must use CK40N. But CK40N is giving error" Material in plant has no BOM". Can we cost materials with sales BOM( in production version) using CK40N?

Is this working fine in using CK11N because we are selecting usage manually as 5 and not working CK40N because it is by default looking for production BOM?

So question is can we cost mass materials using CK40N with Sales BOM or we must create Production BOM also for the same material?


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Hello Praksh,

Check once in costing variant, in quantity structure control under BOM application, selection id if sales BOM is allowed or not - in standard we use 05 under which sales BOM is not maintained - this might help. By default all BOM type allows costing.


Sumesh Gupta