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Copying Standard PS proj to standard PS Proj and keep all the relationships

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Not sure if i even have the correct forum or not but sure here goes.

I am trying to create a new Standard Project with all its WBS Elements (31 or so) all its Networks (31 or so) by copying an existing Project definition.

I have set up the New standard project with its WBS elements.

I can copy each Network to its appropriate WBS Element and the relationships within each network are maintained. However the relationships between each Network are not. Is there a way to copy a full set of networks and have the inter network relationships maintained as there is a lot of work in setting up each of these new standard Project definitions.


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Hi David,

Since there is no function to copy the Standard Project into another as a whole, I doubt if the relationship will be copied.

A simple way to get around this will be to create a Project from the Operative Project and handle changes thro Validation & Substitutions