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Copy items from sales quotation to purchase request

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I have a requirement in the Purchase request to copy one UDF value from the quotation. ( From QUT1 to PRQ1).

I have a field (U_PURCOST) in Sales Quotation and while creating the entry, the user will be entering values in this. I have the same UDF in the Purchase Request.

As part of testing, Iam selecting the quotation number in the reference document(PRQ21) of the Purchase Request and am able to fetch some other UDF in the quotation in the header(OQUT) through SP_Post Transaction. I understood the logic that there is no connection between the lines of both tables directly.

But is it possible to achieve like, once Sales Quotation is selected in the Reference documents ( Or select a value in a UDF that links to System objects), display items (User Defined Values) that are in that quotation only?

Waiting for your valuable suggestions

Fahis T

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Select procure non drop ship items option under the logistics tab of sales quotation. When sales quotation is added, system will start procurement confirmation wizard wherein all the data in quotation including UDF will get copied to any of the target documents (Purchase request, purchase quotation, purchase order).

You can try this if suits your requirement.

Best Regards

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Hi Fahis T,

One way that you could test, is to put a formatted search in the Item Code field, and another one in the Quantity field.

The fms in the ItemCode field would show the user the list of items in the Sales Quotation. They would then choose all items. This will enter all items in sequence to the Purchase Request.

The fms in the Quantity field would refresh automatically when the ItemCode changes.