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Copy control fields

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When we configure copy controls we have a field "COPY QUANTITY" this is left blank when copying from sales order to another sales order, from QT to OR we make +ve and from contract to Return we make it -ve. Can anybody explain me the logic behind this. How is this field useful?

Also in copy controls there is a field called "Copy product selection"can body explain me the functionality of this field.

Thanks in advance.


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hi ,

i think u are talking abt "+/- quantity" field not the copy quaninty field

+/- quantity:

Indicates whether, during copying, the quantity or value in the target document has a negative effect, positive effect, or no effect at all on the quantity still to be completed in the source document.


The system uses this indicator to determine how the quantity in the source document is affected. For example, if you

Create a quotation item for 100 pieces,

Copy the quotation into a sales order, and

Create a sales order item for 80 pieces,

the copying has a positive effect on the quotation. In effect, you have added 80 pieces to the quotation quantity that is now considered complete. 20 pieces in the quotation remain to be completed.

this u can get by presssing F1


Arun prasad

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dear venkat Rao

Positive/Negative quantity: 

Quantity is calculated positively or negatively.

It indicates during copying the quantity or value in the target documents has a negative or positive or no effect at all. The quantity still to be completed in the source document.

Use: System uses this indicator to determines how the quantity in the source document is effected

Ex: If you create pieces and raised the sales order for 80 items, then quotation has a positive effect, that means 80 pieces of the quotation treated as completed and 20 pieces of the quota ion rated as remained to be completed.

In sales document:

Quotation  Sales order : positive

Contract  Returns : Negative

Sales order  Sales order : No effect

In billing document:

Delivery  Invoice : positive

Delivery  Cancellation : Negative

Delivery  Pro- forma invoice: No effect

Copying quantity:

It determines the quantity that is copied to the target document. If you leave this field then system tries to copy the best possible quantity depending on situation.

Ex: System copies open quantity if it is from quotation to order

System copies completed quantity if it is billing to credit memo

Copy product selection:

It specifies whether system automatically copies the result of the product selection from the source document to target document. If you want to copy the results of product selection from source document to target document mark this field.

If you want to re-run product selection in the target document leave this field

rewards if it helps


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