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Copy Blank Delivery Dates to All Items in Delivery Group on Order

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We have a situation where we use BOMs which are included in Delivery Groups, and the Delivery Groups must be obeyed in all situations.  We have already put in OSS Note 72688 to make sure that manually created deliveries cannot override the Delivery Group, and that is working properly.

One issue we have found is that when an item in the Delivery Group has no stock available, either now or in the future, it cannot create schedule lines and the system blanks out the dates on the Shipping tab in the sales order for that item.  But it leaves the other items in the Delivery Group with expected delivery dates.  This is not an issue in terms of the available items being delivered, but it is a problem for our web channel, which shows that all of the items are available except the one with no stock, and this is confusing to customers. 

Do you know if there is an easy (and safe) way to have the blank delivery date for group, delivery date, material availability date, and loading date copied to all items in the Delivery Group when one or more items in the Delivery Group cannot generate schedule lines?

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While the suggestion I am giving may not directly answer your issue, the point I am trying to make is from a Business Point of View.

You could have a Complete Delivery Indicator for the Order. That way, the system ensures that the Higher and Lower Level Items are confirmed and delivery dates scheduled only if all the components are available for delivery.

You might want to explore more of this feature to address this.

You could of course try to force the date through coding may be, but it does defeats the purpose of ATP and Delivery Scheduling.